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Build global persona by
building digital resumes

Repobuild let's you create digital resumes & specialized profiles to highlight yourself amidst pool of talent.

Who uses Repobuild

Repobuild is for expressing your skillset in eloquent way of elegance.

IT pursuing Students

Build resume having detailed infographics of projects accomplished, education pursued, learnings gained and visual representation of skillsets.

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Small & Medium Enterprises

Recruit candidates based on their individual scoring and save 79% of your time spent in going through individual resumes of each candidate.

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Recruit people easily
Individual Scoring

Quantifying qualitative data.

Detailed analysis of profiles of an individual from various platforms like Linkedin, Github, Hackerearth, Codechef, Kaggle, etc.

Community hub

Leverage power of Network.

People sharing their knowledge, experiences and contributions made to FOSS/OSS projects, and talking about latest & trending technologies.

Community of developers and designers
Leadership programs

Do epic work.

Score more to standout from other user profiles and leverage exciting benefits of the same like more job offers, various mentoring roles for projects and communities, etc.

Course Recommender

Discover courses of your Interest.

AI-powered search engine which takes a test of user and recommends courses based on test along with detailed comparison following strict reviewing parameters.

Discover best course
Explore your network
Peer Exploration

Find what to Find.

Explore what your colleagues are pursuing in latest trends & technologies such that you stay updated and suitable for current industry need.

Skill Transition Roadmap

Switch skill domains with ease.

Roadmaps of various design & development skills having detailed course content along with customized milestones and progress rewards.

Switch careers with ease
Repobuild empowers youth for skill development

“A little bit about us... we are currently incubated by MEITY Startup-hub and fall in trending startup of 2021 amongst 100 stratups by Startup Istanbul.”

Repobuild Private Limited

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